„Even springs and wells dry up if one draws too often and too much from them”.
(Demosthenes, 384 – 322 B.C.)

Recycling, resource efficiency, sustainable consumption

In 1946, with the support of the Ministry of Commerce, forward-looking people founded the Österreichische Produktionsförderungsgesellschaft ÖPG (Austrian Production Promotion Association). The association initiates and organises collection campaigns to provide raw materials for the manufacturing industry. After that, ÖPG established Austria-wide collection systems. In the 1980s the society changed from scarce to more affluent society. Consequently, ÖPG develops resource efficiency programmes especially for SMEs. In addition, it is researching sustainable consumer behaviour. The name change from ÖPG to Austria Recycling takes into account the changed social challenges: from Austrian Production Promotion Association to Austria Recycling – Association for the Promotion of Recycling and Environmental Protection in Austria

Sharing environmental protection knowledge and making it usable worldwide

Austria has been one of the world’s recycling role models for many years. Therefore, we export our knowledge. Together with international partner institutions, we sow the seeds of resource conservation where scarcity and abundance coexist: in the so-called emerging economies. Their industries use modern production technologies. But they lack recycling management and resource efficiency. For instance, we

  • initiate resource efficiency programs,
  • provide the necessary tools for the sustainable implementation of resource efficiency,
  • develop the culturally appropriate skills and attitudes for sustainable entrepreneurship.

We experience that Austrian environmental management know-how is in great demand internationally.

We’re in this together

– our motto regarding the SDGs. Also regarding our cooperations.

Appreciation and thanks

Our predecessors laid the foundation of Austria’s waste management experienced today. They prepared the ground for the high environmental awareness of the people in Austria and for sustainable management.

The members of the Austria Recycling Association make these valuable services possible. Their contribution to the association makes sustainable development possibel.

We would like to thank our members and all partner organisations who support our work:

Resource efficiency & circular economy since 1946

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