Regional approach in 4 industrial clusters in India – SEIP-EII
KickOff Meeting Gurgaon, Indien

Consortium Lead: adelphi (Germany)

Projekt Partner: 

  • Austria Recycling
  • The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)
  • STENUM Asia Sustainable Development Society (India)

Primary benifaciaries: Indian companies in 4 industrial zones in Vapi, Haridwar and Delhi

Funding: GIZ – India (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH in the framework of the SEIP (Sustainable Environment-friendly Industrial Production) Initiative

The aim of this project is to increase resource efficiency in around 40 companies in 4 industrial regions and to create examples of success that will encourage other companies to follow suit and initiate improvements.

Regional approach in 4 industrial clusters in India – SEIP-EII

Project duration: 2017 bis 2018

Quantitative results: Short analyses were carried out in 150 companies, 44 workshops with various stakeholders were held, 40 selected companies received intensive support. On average, these companies were able to save 38% water, 28% energy and 29% raw materials. 100 success stories will now be transferred to 10 further industrial regions and serve to raise awareness among key stakeholders.


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