We make resource efficiency profitable – currently mainly in South Asia, Central Asia and South East Asia. We are partners in international multi-year projects in which teams are formed, consultants trained and companies advised. The political framework as well as the appropriate sources of financing are designed in parallel. Through their membership, our members support sustainable development in our world. If you would like to do so, please contact us!

If you want to create and support sustainability in your own environment (your organisation, your supply chain or similar), please contact us!

International Resource-Efficiency Projects, where we apply our capabilities

  1. Agri-food production and processing in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan (REAP)
  2. Metal Processing Businesses in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka (METABUILD)
  3. 4 Industrial Clusters in India (mixed & automotive) (SEIP)
  4. Closing the Loop of Use of Acids in Metal Processing Industry in India (ACIDLOOP)
  5. Tourism and agricultural tourism suppliers in Nepal and Bhutan (SEID)
  6. Industries in Metro Manila Region (Greater Area of Manila) (GPIOS)

Our primary network-partners

Our Sponsors and Beneficiaries

Small, medium and Large enterprises, Expert Organizations (Cleaner Production Centers,…), International Organizations (European Commission, UNEP, …).

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