• manage projects on resource efficiency and environmental protection
  • resolve challenges in processes or communication structure
  • offer online and offline seminars on resource efficiency
  • love to work in big as well as in small teams
  • Set up our projects for success by building and aligning the team right from the start
  • value appreciative team culture
  • maintain our contacts and meetings both face-to-face and virtually
  • are working locally and internationally (with a focus on Asia).

International Projects, where we apply our capabilities

  1. Raising Ressource Efficiency in Industrial Clusters in India (mixed & automotive) (SEIP)
  2. Enhancing Ressource Efficiency in Metal Processing Businesses in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka (METABUILD)
  3. Closing the Loop of Use of Acids in Metal Processing Industry in India (ACIDLOOP)
  4. Sustainable and Efficient Industrial Development in Nepal and Bhutan (SEID)
  5. Enhancing Ressource Efficiency in Industries in Metro Manila Region (Greater Area of Manila) (GPIOS)

Our primary network-partners

Our Sponsors and Beneficiaries

Small, medium and Large enterprises, Expert Organizations (Cleaner Production Centers,…), International Organizations (European Commission, UNEP, …).

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